How to plan a beach wedding

Tradition over the years has involved a church wedding with civil unions in an office another alternative. A wedding day should be the happiest and most memorable day of a couple‚Äôs life to date. It brings into question how to decide upon a venue that will help make everything perfect. Over the years couples have dreamt up all sorts of locations to get married and one that has become increasingly popular is a beach, soft sand and a clear blue sea. In places where the weather is guaranteed then why not? Special thanks to my friend Kay Watson, who is a wedding planner in Dallas for the tips…

It is important to know that there will be no rain to spoil the day. That is always a consideration for any outside event. Some people fly away to exotic locations and rely on resident wedding planners to make all the arrangements with little chance of face to face meetings. Those planners who have built up a good reputation for organizing plenty of weddings in the past can usually be relied upon to do a thorough job. Those people lucky enough to live close to a good location can be much more closely involved in the arrangements or even do the whole thing themselves.

You obviously have to select a location and then get permission to use it. If it is a public place then you do not want any intrusions during the ceremony yet there must be due consideration of public access to some places. The detail of the wedding involves the number of people that are likely to attend and therefore such simple things as the number of seats required. If you decide that there is an establishment overlooking the beach that is suitable there will be less to do but actually getting married on the sand does present a few extra challenges.

If you are beginning with a stretch of sand and nothing else you have to consider a few things once you have permission to use the area:

  • How do you mark out the area for the ceremony and guests?
  • How many chairs do you need?
  • It is easy to order the flowers but you will need to decide how to display them and arrange the transportation of anything you need as a result.
  • Do you require any carpeting or are you going to arrange to have boards put down?
  • You will need to arrange for the music and how it will be played.
  • Obviously you must have someone allowed to perform the ceremony on the site and willing to do so.

The general things that everyone has to arrange for a wedding such as transport, clothing, wedding invitations and reception catering are no different from a normal wedding. It is just the location that is a little unusual. Who knows you may want to make the whole affair a little less formal than usual and go for a swim afterwards. If you select a lovely beach in front of a clear and warm blue sea then why not?