How to learn to scuba dive

Underwater photography, stills and professional documentaries have revealed wonderful images from below the waves. While it may not be everyone’s ambitions to swim with sharks and other marine life, the seas are now accessible to those who are reasonably fit and comfortable in the water. Scuba diving may not be for everyone but there are internationally recognized training standards so that anyone with qualifications are welcome by dive countries throughout the world.

It can be something that can open a whole new world and it is fun and safe to learn to scuba dive with a qualified instructor. The incentive of getting a qualification is the places you will be able to go and the things you will be able to see without diving to any great depths nor taking any significant risks. There are reefs with fish of all colors and sizes as well as wrecks of all kind, young and old.

It is something that can be done in just a few days but it will be an intense period both under the water and in the ‘’classroom’’ because it is important to understand the theory and practice. If you are local to a good dive company you may want to take your time over qualification. You have years ahead of you once you succeed in your aim of diving.

You should be happy that you are reasonably fit. It is worth getting an examination and to follow any advice you are given if it is important enough for you to get fitter in order to learn to scuba dive and get the certificate to allow you to do so.

You will begin in a fairly shallow pool before graduating to somewhere such as the sea or lake. There are practical exercises to do to get used to the fact that you are suddenly weightless. Similarly you will have to learn to breathe underwater from your air tank. Some people will learn quicker than others but there is no need to get frustrated if it takes a little time because there is no limit for qualifying. Once your instructor decides you are comfortable with an underwater environment you will be taken out into lake or sea to take the next step. You will be accompanied by the instructor as you gradually get used to the environment and there will be a limit to how deep you can dive until you are fully qualified.

You may decide to buy equipment but that is not compulsory. All you need to start is swimwear and a towel. There will be equipment for hire everywhere you go whether it is to local dive companies and you can be certain that all equipment is thoroughly checked to ensure everything is in order. Likewise anywhere in the world that you decide to holiday and scuba drive you can take your certificate and hire equipment from companies that have to have their own certification in order to be in business.