Best beaches in Texas

When it comes to beach holidays in the USA many people think of Florida or California. It would be a mistake to ignore other parts of the Country and Texas can claim to have some great beaches with a climate that is fairly predictable. A suntan is a guarantee and perhaps the fact that the beaches may be a little quieter than the USA’s east and west coasts should not be under estimated?

The Gulf Coast has a great deal to offer with soft sand, clear warm water and plenty of water sports for those who want an active day. There are several places to consider:

  • South Padre Island is at the southern end of Texas and few can compete with the cleanliness of the beach with the warm blue Gulf water especially inviting. The Island is just half a mile wide so the sand is never more than a few steps away wherever you are on the island.
  • Port Aransas is an island which offers fun for all the family. There is plenty to offer families. The fishing is arguably the best in Texas and that is reflected in the seafood on offer in its restaurants. Shoppers and those looking for nightlife will not be disappointed when they leave the beach.
  • The Bay Area of Houston has the advantage of being close to the facilities of a large city yet that does not mean that it has any negative impact on those that wish to enjoy the sand, water sports and sailing in the warm seas.
  • Galveston Island is just 50 miles from Houston and has 32 miles of beaches. Galveston is the Gulf’s largest cruise port and 5 million visitors come every year to enjoy what is on offer.
  • Port Arthur is a scenic area where visitors can enjoy fishing or sailing as well as extensive stretches of beach. Close by there are lakes and areas of wilderness where the birdlife is especially impressive. From turtles to alligators, bobcats to possibly even a brown bear, this is a location away from the crowds.
  • Beaumont is close to the border with Louisiana and that is reflected by the Cajun influence. It is a place of great variety with plenty of scope to explore away from the beach; forest, swamp and even alligator parks.

Each can claim to be among the best beach areas anywhere. Texas is likely to be very fairly priced and cheaper than the equivalents in the States on West and East Coasts.

Texas can rightly claim to be able to offer excellent beach location holidays that have other attractions as well. That ranges from wilderness areas with impressive flora and fauna to an excellent chance to catch fish with expert local services only too willing to help. Texas is very accessible for people from all over the USA and beyond. Perhaps it is time for people who have not considered its coastline for a vacation to date should look at it more closely?