7 Sep

How to rent a condo in Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi is a modern thriving seaport with plenty of commercial activity as well as plenty of visitors to this Gulf Coast destination. It has its own international airport with plenty of flights internally as well as good road links. Corpus Christi has two commonly used nicknames, ‘’the Texas Riviera’’ and ‘’the Sparkling City by the Sea’’ and consequently receives plenty of attention. The result is there is good rental demand for short, medium and long term real estate.

There is a great waterfront with condos that can be rented for even a long weekend. There are a significant number of people who much prefer to have the independence that a condo can offer as opposed to staying in hotels even on a bed and breakfast basis. One of my close friends, Chris, makes sure all our condos are super clean with his carpet cleaning in Corpus Christi business. Condos are individually owned but there is joint ownership of other parts of the site such as walkways, common utilities and amenities which require management on behalf of everyone. Continue reading